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Company Overview

Genesis Commercial Loans is a commercial lending company that offers a variety of financing options for Businesses and Commercial Properties. We have over 25 years of Business Experience

Business Loans in All 50 States

Financing Options

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans ----Developers---- Large Project Financing
  • Fix and Flip/or Keep Loans---DSCR Loans (Debt Service Coverage Ratio)
  • Ground Up Construction Loans
  • SBA Loans with competitive rates starting at 7.99% Fixed with Terms of
    10 and 25 years--- Refi your SBA Loan to our Low Fixed rate of 7.99%---
    Acquisition Loans ----Franchise Financing----Hard Money----Bridge
    Loans---Hud Loans--- Non Recourse.
  • Lines of Credit----Equipment Purchase/Leasing---Inventory Financing

Key Features

  • Access to 70 Banks and over 100 Lending Sources that can offer loans that traditional lending sources may not qualify for
  • Established relationships with creative lenders who offer competitive bank rates and terms, in some cases loans that will be lower than traditional lenders
  • Ability to Finance Challenged Credit Borrowers
  • Loan amounts range from $50,000 to $500 Million and up
  • We have special funding available for Commercial Builders, Developers, and Contractors doing ground-up construction through verticals, including single-family homes and multi-units.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible financing solutions for our clients. Our team is dedicated to researching your loan requirements to find the most competitive rates and terms available from our network of 70 Banks and 100 Lending Sources. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and provide exceptional service to ensure a happy borrower.

"You are our client, we work for you."

Our Extensive Lender Network

We have established relationships with:

  • Over 70 of the larger Commercial Banks in the United States
  • More than 100 Creative Lenders

This extensive network enables us to offer our borrowers the best financing options, tailored to their specific needs. Whether you're a startup or an existing business looking to expand, we have the resources to help you achieve your goals and reach new heights. With Genesis Commercial Loans, you can trust that you're in good hands. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional financing solutions, and personalized service, to help businesses thrive and succeed.

Contact Information

Website: www.genesiscommercial.loans
Email: tomf@genesiscommercial.loans
Telephone Number: (561) 800-6263
Available 7 days a week

Formerly Genesis Commercial Capital

Competitive Loan Rates and Terms

Our loans match or surpass bank offerings in interest rates and terms. Unlike banks constrained by depositor interests and FDIC regulations, we leverage our unique network of lenders, including insurance companies and hedge funds, to offer more advantageous loan options. 

Expert Back-Office Analysis

Our lenders are seasoned business professionals, not restricted by FDIC guidelines. They analyze loans from multiple perspectives, focusing on the practical aspects of each investment. Registered with the US Government and adhering to Federal Lending Laws, our team ensures responsible yet innovative lending decisions.


Comprehensive and Wide-Ranging Financing Solutions

Empower Your Business with Tailored SBA-Backed Financing Solutions

One the largest Preferred SBA Lenders is Offering Fixed Rate Loans Below the Prime Interest Rate

SBA Special Rate Begins At 3.99% the First Year next 24 years @ 7.99% Fixed We Have Been Designated By One Of The Largest SBA Lenders In The Country With This Loan Offer This Loan Is Also Available To Current SBA 7A And 504 Borrowers, Plus Any Business Owners (May Apply) Who Want To Refinance And Are Not In An SBA Loan Program. And New Business Start Ups As Well

You Do Not Need To Be Burdened With Your High Interest, Adjustable Rate SBA Loan. The SBA Changed Its Rules In August Of 2023 Making It Easier To Refinance An SBA Loan With A New SBA Loan.

One of the largest Preferred SBA Lenders
is Offering Fixed Rate Loans Below the Prime Interest Rate

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Credit Profiles

We connect you with partners who can complement your financial strength or industry expertise. Our lenders understand diverse business scenarios, from real estate investments to mixed-use office complexes, ensuring a fit tailored to your unique situation.

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Genesis Commercial Loans offers loans across the entire USA, including St. Lucie County, Martin County, Broward County and Miami-Dade County.

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