SBA Special Rate begins at 7.99%

We have been designated by one of the largest SBA Lenders in the country with this loan offer This Loan is also available to current SBA 7A and 504 borrowers, plus any business owners (may apply) who want to refinance and are not in an SBA loan program. And New Business Start Ups as well

The largest Preferred SBA Lenders is Offering Fixed Rate Loans Below the Prime Interest Rate today (our rate is 7.99% Fixed for the term of the loan).

Current SBA rates are Prime 8.5% plus, some rates are as high as 10.5%.

We have the best SBA loan 7A and 504 programs in the country today!

Today there are some SBA loans or business loans with high rates that are adjustable some as high as 10.75% and up, do you want to refinance and take advantage of a fixed rate We can also restructure your existing SBA Loan to a new 10 yr or 25 yr term at the 7.99% as well. A reminder, this loan has the flexibility to adjust down from the 7.99% if the rates drop back down to ( ex 4%) you will have to contact the SBA and tell them you want your loan adjusted they may require an email or a letter from you to lower to the new rate. Our SBA Loan Program is also available to any business owner that is borrowing from another lender and wants to take advantage of the 7.99% rate and term --Just write or call us and we would be happy to walk you thru your loan program.

If your current SBA loan rate is high and you want to Refi it to the lower rate of 7.99% we are now able to get you this rate. And if you would like us to Refi your Current Loan with any lender to 7.99% with this SBA program.

Don’t Miss out on this opportunity!

We also have several SBA loan programs for Start Up Businesses.

One the largest Preferred SBA Lenders is Offering Fixed Rate Loans Below the Prime Interest Rate

SBA Special Rate Begins At 3.99% the First Year next 24 years @ 7.99% Fixed We Have Been Designated By One Of The Largest SBA Lenders In The Country With This Loan Offer This Loan Is Also Available To Current SBA 7A And 504 Borrowers, Plus Any Business Owners (May Apply) Who Want To Refinance And Are Not In An SBA Loan Program. And New Business Start Ups As Well

You Do Not Need To Be Burdened With Your High Interest, Adjustable Rate SBA Loan. The SBA Changed Its Rules In August Of 2023 Making It Easier To Refinance An SBA Loan With A New SBA Loan.

One of the largest Preferred SBA Lenders
is Offering Fixed Rate Loans Below the Prime Interest Rate

Lower Initial Payments

In the first year, borrowers will benefit from a lower interest rate of 3.99%, resulting in lower monthly payments compared to a loan with a fixed 7.99% interest rate from the start. This can be advantageous for borrowers who have tighter budgets or prefer lower initial payments.
  • Affordability: The lower initial payments in the first year might make the loan more affordable for borrowers, especially if they anticipate an increase in income in subsequent years or have other financial obligations to manage initially.
  • Interest Savings: By starting with a lower interest rate of 3.99% in the first year, borrowers can potentially save on interest expenses during that period compared to a loan with a fixed 7.99% interest rate throughout the entire term.
  • Flexibility: The loan structure provides flexibility in the initial year, allowing borrowers to potentially allocate more funds towards other financial goals or investments while benefiting from a lower interest rate.
  • Predictable Payments: After the first year, the loan transitions to a fixed 7.99% interest rate for the remaining 24 years. This offers the benefit of predictable monthly payments, which can help borrowers budget effectively and plan for long-term financial obligations.
  • Long-Term Stability: While the interest rate increases after the first year, having a fixed rate for the remaining term provides stability and protection against potential interest rate fluctuations in the market. This can be beneficial for borrowers who prefer certainty in their financial commitments.
  • Overall Cost: Despite the increase in interest rate after the first year, the overall cost of the loan over the entire term may still be lower compared to other loan options with higher fixed interest rates from the beginning.

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